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World War I (19141918) was a global military conflict involving European powers, the United States, Australia and Canada. Many of the old 19th century empires collapsed, shaping the modern world, but creating incentives toward WWII from the re-drawing of boundaries and re-alignment of power in the world.

Taking Arabia from the Ottoman Empire resulted in giving Palestine both to the indigenous Arabs and also to foreign Jews, resulting in the Arab-Israeli conflict that continues today. It also resulted in broken promises made to Arabs for rebelling against the Turks, due to the secret Sikes-Picot agreement between Britain and France to divide Arabia between themselves. The Arab populations succeeded in driving them out, but distrust for Europeans remains following this experience.

The humiliating defeat of the German Empire was one of the factors leading to World War II, as Adolph Hitler rose to power in part by appealing to wounded German pride, antisemitism, and a need for recovery from the Great Depression.

Allied Powers (winners)[]

Axis Powers (losers)[]

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