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Words of Life is the worldwide radio voice of The Salvation Army. It is a 15-minute program packed with lively dialog, the best Salvation Army music in various styles, and inspirational teaching. Its messages will stir your spirit and its music will soothe your soul. Speaker: Major Steve Hedgren Announcers: Major Willis Howell & Mrs. Jude Gotrich

The hosts on Words of Life are all members of The Salvation Army. The speaker is Major Steve Hedgren, the Divisional Commander of the Florida Division. His life-long experience in ministering to others, as well as his preaching and teaching of the Scriptures is evident in the friendly and communicative style he brings to the microphone.

Two other personalities featured on the program are co-announcers Major Willis Howell, President/Principal of The Salvation Army Evangeline Booth College in Atlanta and Mrs. Jude Gotrich, popular concert/recording artist and Worship Development Specialist in The Salvation Army Southern Territory. With much enthusiasm these two engage in lively dialogue as each week they share a listener's letter, feature a personal testimony, or interview a special guest before previewing the message for the day.

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