In the Left Behind series of novels, Viv Ivins (real name: Viviana Ivinisova) is the woman who brought Marilena Carpathia to Lucifer, and is the surrogate "aunt" to Nicolae Carpathia. She is also able to channel "spirits" (demons), and receives information and writes out messages from Lucifer himself. Her name represents the number 666 (when written in the Latin alphabet), having the Roman numerals (VI VI VI) spelled out.

After the rise of the Global Community, Ivins becomes part of Carpathia's personal cabinet. After the Potentate's death, she is left to handle his affairs. However, she is unfazed by his assassination, indicating that she knew all along that he would be resurrected and indwelt by Satan himself. Though he would have her believe otherwise, it is shown again and again throughout the series that Ivins holds very little importance to Carpathia (and, by extension, Lucifer), as he views her as he does most of his subjects: expendable.

She, like other GC personnel, is assumed to be among those killed in Glorious Appearing, either in the last four battles or at the sheep-and-goats judgment, though the details surrounding her death are never elaborated upon.