I have a friend who used to be very religious.  She was a virgin up until age 22 when she was raped.  It's been several years since then and I think she's realized her only hope is to come back to God.  She's having trouble doing that.  I used to think it was because she was mad at God, but I recently found out it isn't that she's mad at Him; it's that she doesn't feel worthy.  She told me she won't even ask for forgiveness for the things she's done since the rape, because she knows God will give it to her and she doesn't deserve it.

I'm trying to help nudge her toward Him so I started researching rape in the Bible... I didn't find what I expected, especially Deuteronomy 22:28, which basically says she should marry her rapist.  I realize this is early in the Old Testament but it's not helping.  Anybody got any suggestions, verses, etc?

SpentRound (talk) 12:26, June 23, 2013 (UTC)SpentRound

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