This is really interesting; even exclusivists views may vary - here are several examples (even the examples may vary in certain ways - these types can overlap as well) I even made up a few of these terms

Post-Mortem Evangelization (a person who has not heard of christ will at least get the chance to during the judgement day; can be "loose" or "tight"

Tight or Strict Exclusivism (only people who believe in Christ go to heaven; and all over 13 who dont accept christ will not go to heaven)

Damnatory Exclusivism (the ones that dont go to heaven will be sentanced to eternity in Hell.)

Annihilatory Exclusivism (those who dont go to heaven just die)

Denominational Exclusivism (only certain sects or a sect can go to heaven - eg. Catholic Denominational Exclusivism; Shiite exclusivism; or Protestant exclusivism (Westboro baptist church is an extreme example of this)

Bonic Exclusivism - Both deeds and faith are mandatory for salvation (can also be loose or tight)

Apostile Exclusivism - Leaning trust towards Paul or any apostle can also lead to heaven

National Exclusivism - Death in a certain location may lead to exclusivism even if they have good faith or good works. (e.g saying all who die a canadian citizen cant go to heaven)

Humanitarial Exclusivism - Only humans are judged and all non-humans go to heaven.

Origionary Exclusivism - All must bow down to Adam in addition to god and other entity (e.g christ) to go to heaven.

Absolute Exclusivism - Even children who dont accept christ will go to hell; same with all animals (the most extreme possible case; very few will admit to these views.

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