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William Tyndale

William Tyndale.

Tyndale House is a publisher founded in 1962 by Kenneth Taylor, in order to publish his paraphrase of the Epistles, which he had composed while commuting to work at Moody Press in Chicago. The book appeared under the title Living Letters, and received a television endorsement from Billy Graham. This ensured the book's great success, and in 1971 Tyndale published Taylor's complete Living Bible. Taylor named the company after William Tyndale, whose English translation of the New Testament was first printed in 1526. The current president of Tyndale House is Mark D. Taylor.

Today, Tyndale publishes a wide range of books by Christian authors such as James Dobson, Charles Colson, Francine Rivers, and Karen Kingsbury. Its most successful publication in recent years has been the Left Behind series of novels by Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

In 1996 Tyndale House released a new English translation of the Bible under the title New Living Translation (NLT). While its predecessor, The Living Bible, was a paraphrase, the NLT is a translation that was created by a team of 90 Hebrew and Greek scholars. The NLT copyright belongs to Tyndale House Foundation. A second edition of the NLT was published in 2004.

Tyndale also developed a British branch, which was named Coverdale House Publishers. Coverdale co-published a British edition of The Living New Testament with Hodder & Stoughton in 1974 and merged with another publisher, Victory Press, in 1977. The British company eventually became Kingsway Publications Ltd, which was sold to Kingsway Trust in 1979, and joined Cook Communications Ministries in 1993. Today Kingsway Books is one of the most prominent Christian paperback producers in the UK.

SaltRiver is an imprint of Tyndale House Publishers.


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