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Trans World Radio (TWR)
Trans World Radio logo
Broadcast area190 Countries 275 languages and dialects
FrequencyVarious AM and Shortwave frequencies
BrandingReaching the world for Christ by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced
FormatChristian radio
OwnerTrans World Radio
Founded1952 (1952)

Trans World Radio (TWR) is a multinational Christian evangelistic broadcaster. TWR broadcasts from 14 countries using mediumwave or high-powered AM transmitters, shortwave as well as through local radio stations, cable, satellite, and the Internet to reach millions of people in 160 nations in their own languages (225 languages and dialects).

TWR has many programs, some of which are produced by TWR staff, and some of which come from other organizations, such as Thru the Bible, and Insight for Living.

The international headquarters for TWR is located in Cary. Staff at the headquarters and throughout the world consists of Americans and Canadians as well as nationals from the various targeted countries.

The UK headquarters relocated from Bath to Manchester in 2006.


TWR started in 1952, when Paul Freed set up the organization to reach Spain by broadcasting from Morocco. Later, after TWR was evicted from Morocco, the network operated from Monaco for many years using a high-powered transmitter system abandoned by the Nazis after World War II. Other major transmitting sites include Guam, Bonaire, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, and Swaziland.

  • The second President of TWR was Dr. Thomas J. Lowell.
  • The third President was David Tucker.
  • The fourth and current President is Lauren Libby.

The current production team of Trans World Radio UK are Phil Walker, James Fullard, Trevor Newman and Tom Ward with Ian Marron as the programme manager.

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  • Freed, Paul E. (1979). Towers to Eternity, Nashville, Sceptre Books. ISBN 0840757093

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