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Through the Flames is the third book of forty in the Left Behind:The Kids series written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye in 1998. The plot for this book is based on the Left Behind series.

This book starts where Second Chance left off. After finding out that the body in the morgue was not his uncle Andre, Lionel Washington starts trying to look for him before it is too late.

After a disagreement over the house rules, Ryan takes off from Judd's place on his bike. Wanting to prove that he's brave, he goes to Lionel's house which has been taken over by some of Lionel's uncle's "friends". He eavesdrops on a phone conversation between a woman and Lionel's uncle. After being discovered, Ryan races off on his bike trying to out run the house occupants in a van. Finally having run out of options he hides in his house and calls Bruce Barnes.

When the other teens go to their bible meeting with Bruce they're worried about Ryan until Bruce tells them he got a phone call from Ryan telling him he'd be there as soon as possible. When Ryan gets there he tells the story of what happened and also adds that while he was being chased he decided to become a Christian.

Lionel finally finds out where Andre is staying and has his old fiancé, Talia, take him there. After he leaves and returns back to Judd's car. The others tell him that Leroy and his gang just passed by them in their van. Judd and Vicki go back to check up on Andre and they hear a gunshot as they race back to the apartment. There they find it in flames. Lionel and Judd race up the stairs of the building to Andre's apartment, only to find him shot and dying. They get him out of the building but he dies right after. They find out he was shot by one of the people in Lionel's house named LeRoy Banks. They meet police officer, Thomas Fogarty who promises to help them catch LeRoy and his associates Cornelius Grey and Darnell Jackson.