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The Remnant
The Remnant Paperback
The Paperback Cover
AuthorTimothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
CountryUnited States
SeriesLeft Behind (Series)
GenreChristian fiction
PublisherTyndale House
Publication date
July 2002 (Hardcover) & February 2003 (Paperback)
Media typePrint (Hardcover & Paperback) also Audiobook
Pages432 pp (hardcover & paperback editions)
Preceded byDesecration 
Followed byArmageddon 

The Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon is the tenth book in the Left Behind series written by Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and published in 2002.

Characters in The Remnant[]


The Remnant begins immediately after the end of Desecration. The Great Tribulation unfolds, with one million believers gathered in Petra under the protection of God as Global Community Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia continues to attack them and Armageddon approaches. Carpathia is ecstatic that he is about to attack the believers with massive amounts of conventional ordinance, a barrage that no one could survive without a miracle, yet all the believers do, not even feeling the flames that engulf their bodies. Chloe Steele Williams, Hannah Palemoon, and Mac McCullum all go to Greece disguised as GC officers to try to rescue George Sebastian. Meanwhile, Ming Toy leaves the safe house and under her new disguise (provided by Gustaf Zuckermandel, Jr.) attempts to return home to China to aid her parents. Chang Wong despairs for his safety and looks to escape New Babylon. After an arduous ordeal, George escapes his holders. The new safe house is compromised, and the Tribulation Force is forced to look for a new place. They manage to leave the now compromised safe house and the Chicago, Illinois, area just in time before Antichrist orders what remains of Chicago to be obliterated by a nuclear blast. The main Trib Force members find a new safe house with George Sebastian in San Diego, California. Meanwhile, the next three Bowl Judgments hit: the world's freshwater supply is turned into blood, the sun scorches with fiery heat, and a deep and painful darkness descends upon the throne and kingdom of the Antichrist. Meanwhile, Antichrist sends scores of false teachers to deceive as many people as possible. Many people, including several at Petra, follow them only to meet horrible and gruesome deaths. In New Babylon, Chang plans to use the darkness to his advantage in order to finally escape. As the book ends, the final year of the Tribulation begins. God is levelling the playing field and setting the stage for Armageddon, the cosmic battle of the ages that will decide the fate of all that exists.

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