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Tyrola Mark Delanty, a fictional character in the Left Behind novels, is first met by Rayford Steele at Palwaukee Airport, where Rayford has gone just at the onset of the plague of locust demons. Delanty is majority owner of Palwaukee Airport since two years before the Rapture, and expended considerable funds to repair the airport after World War III. He is ready to sell in order to recover financially, but the would-be buyer, Ken Ritz, is killed before the deal is completed. He and Rayford agree on an arrangement that will allow Delanty to recover financially, keep the airport available to the Tribulation Force, and contribute to the needs of Tribulation saints worldwide.

While T, as he prefers to be known, does not wish to know the exact location of the safe house, he is loyal and will help try to safeguard it.

In The Indwelling, Delanty flies a Super J to Israel to rescue Buck Williams and Chaim Rosenzweig. To allow Rosenzweig to leave without facing execution from Global Community Peacekeepers, T has to land on a short stretch of unbroken roadway, resulting in a blown tire, then take off, resulting in severe damage to his landing gear. Although they run out of fuel as they land at Kozani, Greece, and there consequently is no fuel-fed fire, the plane breaks in two and T is killed. Palwaukee Airport is no longer available to the Trib Force.

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