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The Society of Archbishop Justus (SoAJ) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1997 with the stated "purpose of using the Internet to foster and further unity among Christians, especially Anglicans." It is named after Justus, Archbishop of Canterbury from 624-627. SoAJ provides computer services, including website hosting and electronic mailing list services. It also publishes Anglicans Online, an unofficial weekly newsmagazine that it describes as "independent, comprehensive, contemporary, reliable, and fair."

The Directors of the Society of Archbishop Justus are:

  • Simon Kershaw
  • Rob Pickering
  • Brian Reid
  • Simon Sarmiento
  • Peter Owen (since 2005)
  • Richard Mammana (since 2005)
  • Helen Gordon (since 2014)
  • Alicia Graham (since 2014)

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