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Shaken is written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye, bestselling Christian authors. It covers books 23-25 of the Left Behind:The Kids series, which tells about the 7 years before the Glorious Appearing of Christ. It is book seven of the twelve book series.

Plot summary[]

In this novel, Judd Thompson Jr. and Lionel Washington find out from their friend, Sam Goldberg, that Nada Ameer, Judd's girlfriend, has been taken into custody at a Global Community jail. In an attempt to free her and her family, they run into a GC guard, and he shoots Nada. Before he can shoot again, he is killed by invisible horsemen that can release poisonous gases into the air. Judd is devastated by Nada's death. Sam's father, who was not a Christian, also dies from the Horsemen of Terror, the new plague from God. At the same time, Nicolae Carpathia, the Antichrist, travels to the Wailing Wall in Israel to kill the two witnesses, Eli and Moishe. When he has done the deed, the Christians are disgusted.

Back in Illinois, the other kids of the Young Tribulation Force hurry to help other believers as the Global Community sets in motion a plan to trap believers. They all know that this is their most dangerous mission yet. Will they succeed? Along the way, they come face to face with the Horsemen of Terror, but are relieved that the poisonous gases they release do not affect Christians.

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