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Second Chance is a book written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye. It is number two of the Left Behind:The Kids series and was first published in 1998.

Plot Summary[]

After splitting up from the church, Judd Thompson and Vicki Byrne go together to O'Hare International Airport to get Judd's car. Along the way they pray to receive Christ as a taxi driver drops them off three miles from the airport. They band together as brother and sister in their new faith in the early hours of the morning. Finding the parking lot hopelessly gridlocked they finally get the car out around four in the morning. Vicki asks Judd to take her to her trailer park where she hopes to stay. Finding her trailer burned to the ground, she has no choice but to stay with Judd at his house.

Meanwhile, Lionel (who was the first to receive Christ) finds Ryan after he ran out of the church not wanting to hear that his parents are in Hell. They team up and go to Ryan's house, where they set up a tent in the back yard. Next, they head over to Lionel's house, a few miles away, to grab some of his clothes and stuff. There Lionel finds a voicemail message from his Uncle Andre telling Lionel He's sorry and is going to kill himself. Not wanting that to happen, he and Ryan ride their bikes down to the hotel that Andre was staying in only to find his Uncle being taken out in a body bag. Scared and now without any family, They go back to Ryan's house and spend the night in the back yard because Ryan is too scared to go in. The next day he convinces Ryan to go to his house to live. But after they get there they find that the house has been taken over by "friends" Of Andre. He goes and grabs some stuff and bolts out of there. They then go to the church where they meet up with Judd and Vicki. After telling Bruce their good news Lionel and Ryan decide to move in with Judd.