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Raymie Steele is a fictional character in the Left Behind series sequel, Kingdom Come.

Raymie is the second child and only son of Rayford and Irene Steele. He was raptured, along with his mother, when Jesus returned before the Tribulation. Throughout the Left Behind Series, he frequently comes to the mind of Rayford -- who was left behind due to his unbelief.

In Kingdom Come, he works in Jerusalem with his older sister, Chloe, who was executed during the Tribulation for her belief, and her husband, Buck Williams, who also died during the Tribulation during the final battle in Jerusalem. During the Millennial Kingdom, Chloe and Buck are in charge of a massive childcare center, whose speaking guests include Noah and King David.

Dishelved with the death of a fellow co-worker at the age of one-hundred, Raymie founds the Millennium Force, a small group dedicated to sharing the Word of God with the undecideds during the Millennial Kingdom. When his nephew, Kenny Bruce Williams, attempts to infiltrate a Luciferian organization called The Other Light, Raymie becomes worried by the level of the devotion the "mole" is showing. He later kicks Kenny out of the Force after evidence surfaces that indicates that Kenny has "switched sides." Kenny is later vindicated, however, and Raymie is overjoyed to welcome his nephew back into the Force.

He is assumedly present at Cameron's estate during the final battle of the Millennium. He, like other believers, is welcomed into heaven at the end of both the Millennium and time itself.

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