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Protected is a Christian novel by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye. It contains titles 32-34 in the Left Behind:The Kids series. It's also the tenth novel in the twelve book series. It starts right after Vicki Byrne had seen someone in the woods around their safe house. They had security camera's all around the house, so by looking at one screen, she could see the whole perimeter of the hideout. Whoever was out there, disabled one of the cameras. Vicki was stumped. She thought they had hidden those security cameras well. As frightened as she was, she decided to not tell the others. She didn't want to look like a scared little girl who needed help from the big, strong boys. Later in the night, she looked at the screen and gasped. Something had been placed in front of one of the cameras. On a white piece of paper, was written, "Help me".

The Believers in Petra had witnessed many miracles since arriving there. Sam Goldberg was sure that this was the safe haven it talked about in the bible. But then, the Global Community plans to drop bombs on the city. Many of the people there were terrified, but were reminded that God would provide what they needed. As the planes flew closer, Sam got more and more nervous. Could this not be the safe haven? Could they be all wrong? As the bombs hurtled toward the city of Petra, Sam knelt on the ground, and prayed.

Judd and Vicki had been thinking about each other a lot since they were apart. Before Judd moved to Israel, they fought a lot. Even after their arguments, they both wished they could be together again. So when Judd and Lionel get a chance to go back to Wisconsin, everyone is excited. But when an angel comes to Vicki and the others, he warns them about danger at the hideout and tells them to leave as quickly as they can. Then he looks at Vicki and says, "You will see your friends before the Glorious Appearing of the King of kings and Lord of lords. But one you love will see much pain and will not return whole."

As Judd and Lionel travel closer to Wisconsin, they find themselves kidnapped by Bounty Hunters who want to sell them to the Global Community. Will they get out alive? Will they be able to see their friends again? Or is this the end for them? Follow the Young Tribulation Force as they struggle to survive through the chaos of the last days of this world.

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