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Peter Mathews, a character of the fictional Left Behind books, was the archbishop of Cincinnati, Ohio, at the time of the Rapture. He was described as a very traditional Roman Catholic at this time, although he rapidly embraced dramatic changes to the faith after the Rapture. Shortly after the Rapture, Mathews participated in key meetings to establish the Global Community Faith (shortly after, it was renamed Enigma Babylon One World Faith) and also was elected to replace the pope who had been raptured.

Calling himself Supreme Pontiff and Pontifex Maximus, Mathews became the leader of Enigma Babylon, adopted the name Peter the Second, and considered the new faith organization to be at least as important as the Global Community and himself an equal of Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia.

Mathews ordered an aircraft roughly twice the size of Carpathia's Condor 216 for his personal use and named it the II One. After the Condor was destroyed, he "donated" II One, with Carpathia renaming it the Phoenix 216, and put it into service as the new GC One.

Mathews is later assassinated - stabbed to death with icicles from an ice sculpture - by the ten "kings" that Carpathia had appointed to lead the world under his rule.

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