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Original Ordered Young's Literal Translation or OOYLT is Young's Literal Translation (YLT) arranged in the original order.  OOYLT was released in 2013.

Attributes of the OOYLT[]

The bible originally was 49 books and was maliciously rearranged by Jerome to 66 books.  OOYLT is YLT rearranged to the original order. There is no translation work done.  Credits belong to the late Robert Young for translating YLT.

66 is not a good number.   6 is the number of man.  666 is the number of the devil.  The bible being 66 books symbolizes that the bible was altered by man inspired by the devil.  7 represents God's completeness.  49 is God's completeness emphasized.  The bible being 49 books symbolizes God's plan of redemption for man is complete.

17 books are not missing, but merged.  For example, 12 minor prophet books are combined to one "minor prophets" book.

Copyright status[]

OOYLT is public domain.

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