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Maryland Bible College and Seminary is a service to the Body of Christ by providing graduates with a biblical education that supplies the spiritual and educational resources to prepare and train others for their spiritual vocation and profession.

We believe that the premise to truth, knowledge, and wisdom is found in and imparted through the inspired Word of God. The Word communicates the reason for the school's existence, its organization, direction, content of its curriculum, and its motivation for service.

The Word also communicates that man is made in the image of God for the expressed purpose of knowing and glorifying Him. Man cannot know or honor God because he is a sinner by nature and choice. But God graciously gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to save a lost humanity. Those who respond to His saving grace receive the Holy Spirit who fills, blesses, and illuminates truth to the believer.

One cannot have wisdom apart from knowing God. The inspired Word of God declares Him to be the truth and depositary of all wisdom and knowledge. He is our provision for life and conduct, and He is our Master Teacher. He has gifted and trained teachers to communicate divine viewpoint and its relationship to the natural sciences and one's self-image. An individual's success in life is dependent upon a healthy respect for God, receipt of the revelation of His grace, and obedience to His Word. The College and the ministry from which it springs are distinctive in their teaching of the revelation and application of grace.

The choice of curriculum, methods, and materials is based upon biblical principles with the resultant purpose of doing the work of the church. These choices hold in view the appropriateness of subjects, the maturity and readiness of learners, and the kind and extent of expectation. Instructors teach and test to approximate the actual demands and decisions encountered in one's life and ministry.

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