Leah Rose is a fictional character in the Left Behind series. Former head nurse at Arthur Young Memorial Hospital in Palatine, she helped Cameron "Buck" Williams get Ken Ritz out without compromising the Tribulation Force's cover, and after helping deliver Hattie Durham's stillborn baby that was fathered by Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia, abandons her now-compromised job and must request sanctuary at the Trib Force safe house.

Leah and Rayford Steele clash as they stumble at trying to work together, their personalities colliding. Leah's first Trib Force undercover mission, at the mid-point of the Tribulation, takes her to Belgium to try to communicate with Hattie at the Belgium Facility for Female Rehabilitation (BFFR), or "Buffer." There, she meets Ming Toy, another believer with a strategic position inside the Global Community. Ming helps Leah avoid suspicion and incarceration, and Leah returns to Illinois.

She helps out at Operation Eagle as a nurse, and then goes to live with a co-op pilot and his wife when the Chicago safe house is compromised.

She and Hannah Palemoon move to Petra and help run the hospital there. Leah also helps Rayford Steele in Glorious Appearing after a almost fatal ATV wreck. She is among the few believers left alive when Jesus Christ returns to earth.

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