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Italy is a country in Europe. Roman Catholicism is by far the largest religion in the country. Although the Catholic church has been separated from the state, it still plays a role in the nation's political affairs partly due to Holy See's location in Rome. Some 90%[1] of Italians are Roman Catholic of which one-third are active members. Other Christian groups in Italy include Jehovah's Witnesses 400,000[2] and the Waldensians (35,000).

In the past two decades, Italy has been receiving many waves of immigrants from all over the world especially eastern Europe and North Africa. As a result, some 825,000[3] Muslims (1.4%) live in Italy, although other estimates indicate that there are up to one million Muslims [4] as well as, 75,000 Hindus [5], 60,000 Buddhists, and a historical community of 30,000 Jewish members.

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