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International Bible Society in Colorado Springs

Biblica headquarters in Colorado Springs.

The International Bible Society (IBS) was headquartered in Colorado Springs, a nonprofit Christian organization that translates, publishes, and distributes the Bible and other resources through ministry, retail, and distribution channels. The IBS was founded in New York in 1809 as the New York Bible Society and changed its name to the International Bible Society in 1983.

Merger and Name Change[]

In March 2007, IBS merged with Send the Light (STL), a UK-based, Christian-resources distribution organization established in 1957 by Operation Mobilization founder George Verwer. STL has become one of the largest distributors of Christian resources, with distribution centers in the UK, India, and the U.S. STL also has retail operations in various parts of the world. The combined organization was named IBS-STL until 2009, when the more descriptive name Biblica was chosen to represent the global organization and reflect its emphasis on the Bible.

New International Version Translation Sponsor[]

In 1968, they agreed to sponsor the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) in its work to create a contemporary-English Bible translation to provide an easy-to-read translation for people who found the archaic language of the King James Version difficult to understand. The CBT pioneered balanced translation, which combines thought-for-thought and word-for-word translation methods. Committees of linguists and Bible scholars cross-checked work as it progressed.

In 1973, they published the New International Version New Testament. Translation costs were nearly double the initial estimate. They sold their New York City building, and board members mortgaged their homes to finance the translation. Despite sacrificial giving from staff, board, and donors, they ran out of funding. In 1975, Zondervan agreed to sponsor the remaining work in return for commercial rights to sell the NIV Bible. NIV royalty income has enabled Biblica to expand its Scripture distribution worldwide and has provided millions of people with free or highly subsidized Scriptures.

In 1978, they published the full NIV Bible. Today, there are more than 350 million copies of the NIV in print. The family of NIV translations includes the Spanish-language Nueva Versión Internacional, the simplified-reading New International Readers Version, and the updated Today's New International Version.

Beliefs about discipleship[]

In addition to distributing Bibles, they have commissioned a number of Bible translations, including the English language New International Version, the New International Reader's Version, and the Spanish language Nueva Versión International, and the Russian-language Slovo Zhizny.

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