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Hunted is a novel written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye, who are both Christian authors. Hunted covers titles 35-37 in the Left Behind:The Kids series. It is also the eleventh novel in the twelve book series. It starts when cruel Bounty Hunters kidnap Judd Thompson Jr., Lionel Washington, and Tom Gowin, planning to bring them to the Global Community and receive a reward. The fearless Christians escape their kidnappers and flee to a nearby safe house. Judd and Lionel long to travel to Wisconsin and see their friends again, but the new Bounty Hunters looking for money stop them from going anywhere. Finally, they come up with a plan to travel to different safe houses on their way to Wisconsin, slowly getting closer to their friends.

Judd is excited that he is going to see Vicki Byrne again. He has always felt that they should be more than friends. He even wonders if he could get married, with only about a year before the return of Christ. But when they climb down a rock face, and Judd accidentally makes a boulder fall, it crushes Lionel's left arm. He is stuck. After he stops the bleeding, Judd starts to run back to the safe house for help, leaving Lionel to wait. Lionel knows that if help does not come soon, he could die. After hours pass, and no help arrives, he takes matters into his own hands.

Back in Wisconsin, Cheryl Tiffane, a new believer, goes into labor after months of being pregnant. Vicki quickly calls a Christian doctor she knows but, to her horror, learns it will be a couple of hours before she arrives at their safe house. That leaves the people with Vicki to help Cheryl give birth. The doctor, Wanda, stays on the phone to walk her through it. When they are done, they gave the baby to Cheryl. Before going into labor, Cheryl agreed that she would give the baby to Tom and Josey Fogarty, since Cheryl was too young to care for a child. But as she spends more time with baby Ryan, she grows more attached to him. Then, she takes the baby in the night and leaves in a car. Will Vicki and her friends find her and bring her back to the safe house, or will she fall into a Bounty Hunter trap and endanger the whole group?

The people living in this part of the Tribulation watch prophecy after prophecy get fulfilled. Join Judd, Lionel, Vicki, and the others as they live the adventure during the earth's last days and witness the wrath of the dreaded Antichrist.

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