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Hezron (Heb. חצרון Hetzron, meaning "enclosed") refers to two people mentioned in the Hebrew Bible:

  • Hezron the son of Reuben is mentioned in Genesis 46:9,Exodus 6:14, Numbers 26:6 and 1 Chronicles 5:3. He was the founder of the Hezronite clan (Numbers 26:6,21). His brothers were Hanoch, Pallu, and Carmi.
  • Hezron the son of Perez, was the grandson of Judah and brother of Hamul. He is thus the first cousin once removed of the other Hezron. This Hezron is mentioned in Genesis 46:12 as one of the 70 Israelites to move to Egypt with Jacob. He was the father of Jerahmeel, Ram and Caleb. Hezron appears in the genealogies at Ruth 4:18-19; 1 Chronicles 2:5, 9, 4:1; Matthew 1:3; and Luke 3:33.

In addition, The plain of Hezron is located in the south of Judah, (Joshua 15:3, 25).

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