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Frantic is a book by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye, famous Christian authors. It covers volumes 20-22 in the Left Behind:The Kids series, which tells about the lives of people living in the end of the world. It is book six of the twelve-book series, and was published in 2004. This novel starts when strange, demon locusts are trying to get into the Young Trib Force hideout. The Christians there know that they are safe from the locusts, but the unbelievers are not. The locusts can sting non-believers, but they cannot kill them. Will the believers be able to stop the locusts from stinging their friends?

In Israel, Judd Thompson Jr. was on a plane when the locusts appear. When he finds out that nobody on the plane is a true believer in Christ, he thinks of a plan to get the people off the plane safely. Will he be able to save the passengers from the locusts, or will they have to endure unimaginable pain from the demons' deadly stings?

Nicolae Carpathia shows his evil ways as he blames this judgment from God, once again, on the Christians. Everyday, Nicolae gets more and more famous, but also more and more a threat to the Christians. The people all around the world panic as the demons sting their victims one by one. The Young Trib Force risk their lives to help others learn the truth while they avoid the tightening grip of the Global Community forces.

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