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Facing the Future is a young adult Christian novel written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye, number four of the Left Behind:The Kids series. It was first published in 1998. [1]

Plot summary[]

In this book the teens help the police arrest three wanted criminals. Pastor Bruce Barnes, found by the teens at New Hope Village Church, is teaching them about the events to come during the Tribulation. The teens and Bruce already know why they are there: they were not true believers. But careful studying of the Bible shows that they can make sure they do not get left behind again on Jesus' second returning, and be prepared for the disastrous Tribulation before that time. But one question still remains... who is the Antichrist? They find out for sure near the end of the book when a journalist tells his nightmarish story of Nicolae Carpathia.

  • Best Quote: 'Do you think I'm awful?' Vicki said.

'Hardly' Judd said, 'The truth is I think you're pretty special!'