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ECUSA Vermont

Location of the Diocese of Vermont

The Diocese of Vermont is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the state of Vermont. It was the first diocese in the Episcopal Church to elect a woman, Mary Adelia McLeod, as diocesan bishop.

The see city is Burlington.


  • 1. John Henry Hopkins, 1832-1868;
  • 2. William H. A. Bissell, 1868-1893;
  • 3. Arthur A. C. Hall, 1894-1929
      • William F. Weeks, coadjutor, 1913-1914;
      • George Y. Bliss, coadjutor, 1915-1924;
      • Samuel B. Booth, coadjutor, 1925-1929
  • 4. Samuel B. Booth, 1929-1935;
  • 5. Vedder Van Dyck, 1936-1960;
  • 6. Harvey D. Butterfield, 1961-1973;
  • 7. Robert S. Kerr, 1974-1986;
      • Daniel L. Swenson, coadjutor, 1986;
  • 8. Daniel L. Swenson, 1987-1993;
  • 9. Mary Adelia R McLeod, 1993-2001;
  • 10. Thomas Clark Ely, 2001-

Diocesan churches of historical interest[]

Present or former diocesan churches listed on the National Register of Historic Places, include:

  • Christ Church (Guilford, Vermont)
  • Church of Our Saviour (Killington, Vermont)
  • St. Ann's Episcopal Church (Richford, Vermont)
  • St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church (Montgomery, Vermont)
  • St. John's Episcopal Church (Highgate Falls, Vermont)

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