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The Deuterocannon or "second cannon," known in the East as the Anagignoskomena, consists of those books considered cannonical by some, but not all, branches of Christianity. Those that accept these books as canon consider them either part of the Old Testament, or intertestamental. Most Protestants consider the deuterocanonical books to be apocryphal.

Books of the Deuterocannon (by denominiation)[]

Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox
Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox
Russian and Oriental Orthodox
Oriental Orthodox

The additions to the Book of Daniel are the Song of the Three Children (Daniel 3:24-90); Story of Susanna (Daniel 13; The Idol Bel and the Dragon (Daniel 14)). The additions to the Book of Esther include Esther 10:4-16:24. These additions are included in the Vulgate, but not in all ancient translations.

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