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David Pendleton Oakerhater (died August 31st, 1931) was a warrior of the Cheyenne Nation who was made a war captive by the United States Army in 1875. During his captivity at the Fort Marion prison in Florida he was heard the Christian Gospel and was able to observe it in the lives of exemplary Christians. He was baptized in Syracuse, New York (in the Diocese of Central New York) on October 6th, 1878. He was ordained a deacon of the Episcopal Church in 1881 and spent many subsequent years as a missionary in Oklahoma.

The Oakerhater Episcopal Center in Watonga, Oklahoma (in the Diocese of Oklahoma) is named in his honor. The Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. has designated September 1st as a lesser feast day on which it gives thanks to God for Oakerhater's life and example.

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