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Concordia Publishing House (CPH), founded in 1869, is the official publisher of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Headquartered in St. Louis at 3558 S. Jefferson St. Louis, MO, CPH publishes the Synod's official magazine, The Lutheran Witness and the Synod's hymnals, including Lutheran Service Book. It publishes a wide range of resources for churches, schools and homes and is the publisher of the world's most widely circulated daily devotional resource, Portals of Prayer. Over 850,000 copies of this resource are printed and distributed quarterly. Concordia Publishing House is the oldest publishing company west of the Mississippi and the world's largest distinctly Lutheran publishing house.

Concordia Publishing House publishes The Lutheran Study Bible — the first study Bible in English to be developed from the ground up with notes that are exclusively Lutheran. This highly anticipated study Bible includes notes prepared by theologians, scholars, and pastors from 12 Lutheran church bodies, giving it a distinctively Lutheran interpretation.

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