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Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. The largest religion practiced by Jamaicans is Christianity, followed by Islam and Hinduism. The 2001 census consisted of 64% Jamaican Christians (62% Protestant and 2% Roman Catholic).

According to Central Intelligence Agency, 69% of the Jamaican population are Christians (65% Protestants, 2% Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses). Christianity was introduced to Spanish settles who traveled to Jamaica in 1509.

Religions in Jamaica[]

Religions in Jamaica
Religion Percent
All Religions 100.00%
Christians 68.9%
No religion 21.3%
Other (including Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish) 6.5%
Unassigned 2.3%
Rastafarians 1.1%

Protestants in Jamaica[]

Protestanism is the largest form of Christianity practiced in Jamaica. The 2001 consisted 62% of the population practicing it. Protestanism in Jamaica is composed of nine Christian dominations: 24% Church of God, 11% Seventh-day Adventist, 10% Pentescostal, 7% Baptist, 4% Anglican, 2% United Church, 2% Methodist, 1% Moravian, 1% Brethren.

Roman Catholic Church in Jamaica[]