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Canada is a country in North America, composed of ten provinces and three territories extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. The largest religion practiced by Canadians is Christianity, followed by people with no religion, Islam and Hinduism. The 2011 census consisted of 67% Canadian Christians (39% Roman Catholic and 28% other Christian). The majority of Christians in Canada attend church services.

Religions in Canada[]

Religions in Canada
Religion Persons Percent
All Religions 37,118,000 100.00%
Christians 22,103,000 67.3%
Muslims 1,053,945 3.2%
Hindus 497,200 1.5%
Sikhs 468,670 1.4%
Buddhists 300,346 1.1%
Jews 1.0%

Source: Census of Canada, 2011

Roman Catholic Church in Canada[]


Protestantism in Canada[]