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Christian Crusaders is an American religious radio and web ministry based in Cedar Falls, and underwritten by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Established in 1936, it is one of the oldest radio ministries in the United States. It is now carried on stations in nine states as well as shortwave radio and the internet.

The ministry includes a 30-minute radio program, with sermons delivered by the Dr. Homer Larsen and the Rev. Steven Kramer. The program includes a traditional hymn, scripture reading and prayer for listeners, and is targeted at those who cannot attend church due to various reasons, or those without a church home. The radio program is distributed throughout the country and usually aired on Sunday mornings. The ministry also archives past sermons at its web site, and publishes a newsletter and other material for Christians.

Christian Crusaders was founded in 1936 by the Rev. G.E. Melchert, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Waterloo, and was aired live on WMT in Cedar Rapids. Originally a 60 minute program called "Your Hour of Worship", the name was changed when it was shortened to 30 minutes, and it was pre-recorded for distribution to other radio stations. The Rev. Bruno Schlachtenhaufen took over in 1956, and Larsen has been the primary speaker since 1962.

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