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This is the opposing view to the Charismatic view regarding the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Briefly speaking, people who hold this view believe that the holy spirit no longer (or very rarely) gives power to people to perform miracles such as healing or prophecy.

This was made popular during the time of the Reformation, to counter the Roman Catholic argument that their 'non-biblical' doctrines were revealed to them through the Holy Spirit. The Protestants who held the Cessationist viewpoint said that this was impossible, and so claimed the Spirit no longer revealed God through visions, though why they could not have simply said that the Church was wrong specifically as opposed to declaring the Bible false is unknown.

This view (or a version of it) has also been taken up by the christadelphians who believe that the power of the Spirit was taken away when the last apostle died on earth, though why they choose to believe this is uncertain.

Whilst it may be accurate to say this view is opposite to that of charismatic Christians, it is not necessarily true that these two views are mutually exclusive. Several denominations do not have specific teaching on the matter, and so allow people who feel miracles are rare-to-never to worship side by side with those who consider miracles to be an every day occurrence.