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Books of Ketuvim
Three Poetic Books
1. Psalms
2. Book of Proverbs
3. Book of Job
Five Megillot
4. Song of Solomon
5. Book of Ruth
6. Book of Lamentations
7. Ecclesiastes
8. Book of Esther
Other Books
9. Book of Daniel
10. Book of Ezra - Book of Nehemiah
11. Books of Chronicles
Old Testament


The Book of Proverbs is commonly divided into three sections:

  1. ch. 1; 9, which contain an exhibition of wisdom as the highest good.
  2. ch. 10; 24, a collection of "the proverbs of Solomon"
  3. ch. 25: 29, another collection of "proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah king of Judah copied"

These are followed by three supplements

  1. "The words of Agur" (ch. 30); and
  2. "The words to king Lemuel" (ch. 31,1;9).
  3. The praise of the good wife (ch. 31,10;31)

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