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Biola University, formerly the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, is a private interdenominational evangelical Christian school located in La Mirada, CA. Founded in 1908, the school has grown to over 3,000 students and offers 145 academic programs, ranging from the B.A. to the Ph.D., through six schools.

Biola is recognized as a National University (ranked by US News & World Report)- one of 229 out of the 3,300 institutions of higher learning in the United States that are called the "major leagues" of higher education. Biola is the only school among the 100 members of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and the only Evangelical Christian University to hold such a distinction. [1]

Biola is unique in that all of it's students are required to take 30 units (or hours) of Biblical Studies courses. Therefore, each student graduates with a minor in Biblical Studies.

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