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Anglicare Australia is the national umbrella community services body of agencies associated with each diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Anglicare is also a brand name under which many Australian Anglican community services agencies operate although they may be separate legal entities.

State of the Family Report[]

Anglicare Australia has been publishing an annual State of the Family report each year since 2000.

  • Positions Vacant: When the Jobs Aren't There (2016)
  • Who is being left behind? (2015)[1]
  • Being a/part (2014)
  • Paying Attention (2013)
  • When there’s not enough to eat (2012), 2 volumes
  • Staying Power (2011)
  • In From the Edge (2010)
  • Beyond Economics - families in the forefront (2009)
  • Creative Tension: Australia's Social Inclusion Agenda (2008)
  • Life on a Low Income (2006)
  • What do Australian Families look like today? (2005)
  • Missing out: Youth in Australia today, Mark Jeffery, (2004)
  • Children growing up in Poverty, Dr Ann Neville, (2003)
  • Unemployment and Poverty, Dr Ann Nevile, (2002)
  • Economic and Social Exclusion, Dr Ann Nevile, (2001)
  • Families as Carers - Families fighting - Economic state of Families, Dr Ann Nevile (2000)

Rental Affordability Snapshot[]

Anglicare Australia have released reports on housing and rental affordability issues since 2009, the 2016 Rental Affordability Snapshot (April 2016) received national media coverage.[2]

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