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Al Basrah, Al B, or Albie, is a character in the Left Behind series of novels by Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. A Muslim by faith, he has connections to the black market and supplies things for Mac McCullum; he is in his late forties. Rayford Steele is introduced to him immediately after the Wrath of the Lamb earthquake, as Rayford wants scuba equipment to take a dive into the Tigris River in search of the crashed plane his wife Amanda White Steele was supposed to be aboard.

Albie, who worked at Al Basrah Airport, obtains other items for Rayford, including an assassin's gun, the Saber, that Rayford uses to try to assassinate Global Community Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia, just three days after Carpathia used such a gun to kill the two God-sent, prophetic witnesses Eli and Moishe at the Western Wall. Between when Albie obtains the gun for Rayford, and Carpathia's death and resurrection, Albie becomes a believer.

Albie also fakes an identity as Global Community peacekeeping deputy commander Marcus Elbaz, and although he shows the mark of a believer, his actions sometimes make Rayford suspicious, yet Rayford does not follow through on a desire to check the mark. Albie's goading is partly responsible for Rayford becoming a more responsible, assertive leader of the Tribulation Force.

Albie is killed by an old black marketing friend - who is now loyal to the GC - in Armageddon.

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