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Agnosticism is the belief that there may or may not be a God. Agnostics may hold this position for many reasons, including difficulty understanding how God could allow evil into the universe.

Common mistakes from Christians[]

Some Christians mistakenly believe Agnosticism is a religion of Satan-worship, but this is very false, and often results in some very embarassing mis-understandings. This phenominon of mistaken understanding is most prevalent I think among country environments around the Bible Belt in America.

Agnostic or weak atheist[]

Agnostic and weak atheist mean roughly the same thing. Weak atheists accept that the existence of God or gods cannot be disproved. Christians frequently call people agnostics when secular websites would call them weak atheists. In Britain it is claimed that the proportion of agnostics is higher than anywhere eles in the world. This may be because people who are unsure are more likely to call themselves agnostics there. Thomas Huxley who first developed the term agnostic was British.

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