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The 15th century BC consists of the years 1500-1401 BC.


  • Egyptians enslave the Israelites
  • c. 1490 BC. Birth of Joshua
  • c. 1487 BC. Moses flees Egypt for the desert, after killing an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating an Israelite slave.
  • c. 1440 BC. The Exodus, traditional date (based on I Ki. 6:1, the exodus occured 480 years before Solomon's temple.) This is also the earliest reference to the Habiru (=Hebrews?) in Egyptian texts. The Pharoah at the time was Thutmose III. However, this may be a misreading of the timeframe given as many Hebrew letters look somewhat similar (Dalet and Resh for example).
  • 1400 BC Death of Moses; Joshua becomes leader of the Israelites.

Leaders of the Israelites[]

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